Favorite Vacation Destinations

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  1. Thought this could be interesting...Where do you guys like to go?
  2. Get yourself a 4x4 with a camper and go to Baja......
  3. Usually to the caribbean where I don't get to look at stock quotes or anything else that has to do with the stock market.

    Just beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean.
  4. I just returned from The Grand Paradise Bavaro last week - my fifth time in the Dominican Republic. I highly recommend a visit.

    - Spydertrader
  5. maxpi


    The fourth of july fireworks show from the campground made the front page of the LA Times once, just a great relaxed place

  6. inf000


    place I would like to visit the most is...time within the actuality of the moment, unordained by so called real and less real reality
  7. inf000


    from words like that, you just know I am on dope :p
  8. "you just know I am on dope "

    Yo yo yo, bling bling. I'm a crackhead. I'll take Manhattan for a vacation spot. Sorry I need the energy, the feel of the city, the assault on my senses. To touch success. To see it on every corner. To eat a slice of pizza at Rock Center or sit on the steps of St Pats on 5th Ave and watch the girls go by.

    I wanna walk. I don't want a cruise or a destination to where I have to drive. I want what I want when I want, a la day or night in the NYC.

    Looking out at some chump mountains and trees, sucks the life right out of ya.:D
  9. maxpi


    Ill bet that when you hear one of those people that sit on the bus benches and talk to themselves out loud, you can understand what they are talking about.....
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