Favorite TV programs during the day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by esc_trader, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. For all you "at home" traders listening to the TV during the trading day. What are your preferences?

    I like Kids in the Hall, and news channels. (No CNBC or financial channels, as they have nothing to offer)
  2. clarkie


    I like CNN if something is going on. I keep CNBC on, but muted most of the time. You are right about them, but I like to see their ticker, and their reports from the exchanges each hour. Other than that it is all people telling us to buy these same old stocks that keep going down. It used to be a good channel for traders, but at some point they decided that they hated traders.
  3. I will watch Bloomberg TV very early in the morning and maybe CNBC just before the market opens...But, yeah, I watch the Comedy Channel during the day if things are slow...Its hard to take the propoganda crap spewed out by a bunch of "journalists" and stock promoters on CNBC...
  4. CNBC IS the Comedy Channel :D

    I glance at their ticker on occasion, listen to Art Cashin's dry humor but that's about it.

    Daytime or last night's Yankee games on YES take precedence
  5. JayS


  6. Are you kidding?

    Jerry Springer...no contest.

    Thank goodness for TIVO.
  7. Carboxyl


    Cartoons! Scooby Doos, Pokemon, etc... There's no other way to relax after trading other than to go back to the days when you were a kid.