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    I think it would be a good idea for everyone to list their favorite websites for doing research. I know everybody has there daily routine. There are hundreds of websites..so maybe this could help us discover a few we didn't know about.

    1. Briefing.com: first thing I look at in the morning.
    2. YahooFinance: loads of updated info. I use AT and I have found that AT's earnings estimates are wrong most of the time. So I always use Yahoo to check earnings and short interest.
    3. StreetEvents.com: Great new format.
    4. Marketscreen.com: Load of variable to design your own screens.
    5. Investertech.com: Also has a great scanner.
    6. Stockcharts.com: Also a good scanner.
    7. Dismal.com: best economic website by far.
    8. Tradingmarkets.com: another great scanner.

    When I worked in the city I would read the WSJ and IBD everyday. But now I rarely read them for morning preparation. As far as I am concered if its in the newspaper its already old news. Websites offer us our greatest weapon...INFORMATION.
  2. http://www.daytradingstocks.com has great links to almost everything you can imagine.

    I use http://www.sortwizard.com for scanning. I am waiting for the release of the Tony Oz scanner (if he ever releases it). I am using his scans from his books and seminar with sortwizard right now, but it is not 100% reliable.

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    briefing.com for news
    thestreet.com/realmoney.com for fun reading and news
    CNBC for laughs
    charts for market direction.......
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    Although it has been mentioned already, I want to vote for realmoney.com these guys are not analysts nor gurus. They are either researcher/reporters (like Herb Greenberg) or traders (like Doug Kass of Seabreeze Ptnrs).

    The calibre of dialogue is absolutely amazing.

    For example, Doug called the energy sector as 'crowded' and he mentioned the FDAs clamp down on approvals long before anyone else picked up on them (in the media).

    Obviously not a 'chat' site but if you want ideas for trading this is simply a must!
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