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Discussion in 'Trading' started by whoodi, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. whoodi


    Good Day People,

    I am new to trading and I was just wondering what are the favorite strategies people use to get maximum returns? Also which strategy would you say is the hardest to master.
  2. abogdan


    Gees whoodi, its like asking what is your favorite formula in the whole calculus!:D The hardest strategy to master is to learn all the strategies! The only one strategy that ensures max return is:
  3. rgelite


    My favorite strategy is the one I trust. :)

    The hardest is anything anyone else has devised that I haven't yet made my own through lots of work and understanding. :(

    The real answer is that there are no shortcuts. And while you might not completely understand what I just wrote, you will in several years, for better or worse. :eek:

    I'm not being flip. If you hadn't said you were a "new trader" my answer might have been different. But thems the breaks.

    If you want to learn two solid styles of trading by master traders, go here and spend a month; these folks are real and you'll find in the long run it's worth every penny. You'll probably stay longer if you're serious about making money. Jay and Russ have proven track records over years, in good times and bad, and post their real-time results every single day. The library of information they have accumulated is staggering. They each have their own style but are ruthless in coaching and totally committed to what's real.


    I wish you good trading! :cool:
  4. Were I you, I would try to give consideration to growing into a neutral bias. Your present "long" bias is less effective than a "short" bias efficiency wise. To get with it you need a bias that lets you trade all the time and everything in site. That is the neutral bias.

    I one of your prior posts, you elaborated on how once a menthod is of quality, it never needs adjusting as conditions change. That view is lacking as well.

    This is a post that is a negative criticism.
  5. There has been a lot of pimping of undergroundtrader on ET lately.

    They must be getting desperate for new members - most people who have been around a while know it is completely worthless.
  6. abogdan


    What the hell are you talking about? GROB - isn't it a coffin in Russian?
  7. nitro


    There isn't a single chatroom in the world that isn't completly worthless.

    You need a break. It takes a long time to get an edge. Once you find it, you will realize that if it can be easily duplicated, you will not want to part with it.

    All "strategies" have a lifetime. In this business, you need to keep looking for edges, or one day you may find yourself where you started.

    But don't despair. At first that seems daunting. After you get it once or twice, it actually becomes part of the fun!

  8. abogdan


    Second that.
  9. rgelite


    UT's record speaks for itself. I am not a participant of that chat room, although I did spend two years there some time ago. Yes, I was stupider than most and it took me that long to "get it."

    Now that I know how to trade, my style is my own, it is one that does not tolerate distractions of any kind. And thus I now trade without the benefit of any chat room, bulletin board, CNBC, ET, or anything else that may distort my focus during the day.

    As to the implication that I'm pimping for them, rather than merely stating my opinion based on experience and taking what I wrote at face value, let's be clear you and I: The word "pimping" in this context implies a financial or other remunerative interest. I have none. Either show that I have and now, otherwise we'll all know your ideas are bankrupt.

    I won't speculate as to the solvency of your trading but if your grasp of reality immediately in front of you is this poor, I suspect your negative mood reflects on other aspects of your life as well.

    Take care.
  10. So true. But, they work on the hypothesis that there is "one" born every minute.
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