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  1. The same person who gave me Liar's Poker also gave me Goldman Sachs by Lisa Endlich. I have looked at it a little but have not started reading it yet.

    The Market Wizards books are a favorite of mine as well, only because of the mass of different opinions and the fact that ideas are not repeated and monotonous, like many books by one author.

    I agree with you that much trading literature (along with investing, real estate, forex, online auctions, etc.) is only about how much you can make, etc. and that is really not what I am interested in reading-as a matter of fact I find myself lately reading more about economics and things that dont even directly mention trading in a strict sense. But it is funny because the shelves of the average bookstore are packed with stuff like you mention in the first paragraph-I guess thats what people want to read, or want to hear I guess you could say. Trading for Dummies? What?
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  2. Well Steve, it looks like it is unanimous then! I just finished reading the article from Ellis's link-I agree that the concept of "flow" is the driving force towards success, not just in trading but in all endeavors, and I think that all too often myself and probably most people know that much better than they actually put it into practice.

    "While he advocated a set of strict therapeutic procedures to be followed, his own published cases deviated from these significantly." -Amen
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  3. Ari Kiev...

    I haven't really touch his books only skimmed through them.

    He wrote so many of them I was personally wondering if you only had to read only one or two, which one would it be.

    The reason I am asking is because I just recently hired a trainee and she gave me a list of his books and wondering which would be worthwhile.
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  4. Well what was also very interesting and enlightening is his approach and way of seeing how time plays a part in one's P and L.
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  5. :(

    My spouse threw all my trading books away!
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  6. %%
    Good points, nothing like a 7 + year trend or 20 year....LOL
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