Favorite Trading Blog site?

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  1. Currently working on my own personal site and looking to list the best blog, forums, chat, sites that traders can learn from. Of course Elite will be at the top of the list. If you can provide me with your sites I will update everyone soon as it's completed. Thanks!
  2. domvert


  3. Well, ET isn't really a blog, per se.

    The 2 blogs I read regularly:

  4. Pekelo


  5. mike is a putz. only tells what happens, not what will
  6. Bushido


    traderfeed.blogspot.com (a lot of great trader psychology related articles)
  7. mxjones


  8. mxjones


    Allso, do a search - there are several threads already that list favorite blogs/sites.
  9. will do, I appreciate it.
  10. ibankcoin.com

    "The Fly" and his gang are absolutely hilarious.

    Real traders making mad bucks.


    Tim Knight has been killing it, usually bearish - went long the bottom. Solid technical analysis from him and his gang.

    Both blogs have serious communities. IBC is more wise ass gunslinger types.
    Slopers are more scientific.
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