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    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Let the government know that the people will take up arms."

    How can anyone fight the government? Well, you fight them one tyrant at a time and only as a last resort.

    I don't know of any tyrants deserving of this at this time, but what a certain county/city is doing to an old lady I know, sure comes borderline.

    One thing I'll say is: as much as I dislike Bush and his style of warfare and his loose spending habits, I will never vote for another Democrat again. I do not care how bad the conservative candidate is, he/she can be as bad as Bush and I will still vote for them.

    I will also never live in a county where the majority of the government is liberal. they run the justice system like tyrants. Thank goodness I'm in a good conservative county.
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    It's worse, they are trying to put a 80 year old woman injail for a bogus story that is not true and evidence shows this. Even if it were true there is a long history of police reports that she has been abused and if she really pulled a knife it would be justifiable self defense. Liberal/Democrats do not believe you have the right to your own life. So this lady is spending $15,000 in legal fees to defend herself.

    She has never even gotten a speeding ticket in her life.
    In my county, I had to pull a gun in self defense and the chief of police congratulated me for having restraint.

    From one county to the next is like being in a different country.
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    I know a couple in California that are currently faced with having their children taken away. A kid from a dysfunctional mess across the street from them used their telephone to call 911 and report the dad, who was on a drunken rampage. The cops and protective services refuse to believe the call was not from my friend's kid and they made her hubby move out of his own house and are trying the guy. He is just a hard working Mexican guy, completely innocent of any abuse to anybody afaik. The couple are thinking of having a jury trial but their own attorney told them that if they choose a jury trial the prosecution will then take the kids away. I told them to get another attorney. If they go to jury trial and win they will eventually get a wheelbarrow of money from the child protective services but the prosecution has put them in the position of sort of bargaining their own kids for some money later on. They have some paralegal/bounty hunter guys helping them along with an attorney and they just might kick the crap out of the bureaucracy before they are done, but it is going to be such a long and grueling thing that the couple will likely lose their determination to fight it at some point.

    Another friend of mine runs a Christian school and she has to pass inspection by the same agency. She says they told her once that kids all really belong to the state, not the parents.

    The originator of the thread is right, Bush is way better than the best Liberal. They turn the right to bear arms into an argument about how hunters don't need assault rifles!! That is their take on the constitution. Giuliani is a total Liberal on guns btw.
  4. Jefferson was a great thinker.

    But there is a power in the people that does not require guns to bring a government to it's knees.

    "Arms" are part of the problem...as in, arms and legs. Mind calling flesh it's home is weak. Mind at the service of spirit is stronger than any government.


  5. Ah, i see the problem-you actually had some faith in the justice system.

    I think your wrong, or at least, like to think your incorrect in your assesment of liberal/shmiberal policy.

    Fact is, their all the same-give anyone even an ether whiff of authority, be it via crims running rampant (implied authority, to the crims ) , or via enforcing whatever the latest law/focus/crackdown may be on, (legal /perceived authority) and it's a 100% gaurantee the persons involved will begin grinding axe's out of all proportion to their actual ability, or role.

    I read a peice recently, dont have the link, but it basically polled juror's as to what they beleived was the outcome of trials they had dealt with.

    The figures were astonishing-nearly half (i think thats right, pretty close) were actually WRONG as to the outcome of the trial, that they had deliberated on.

    And thats just the "stupid" edge of the wedge-you trail back virtually any proscecution, and its just as much of a crapshoot, from start to finish.
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    Bringing this lady to the court house several times, I have found inconsistencies in average statistics. 75% of all peolpe being charged were 60 or older and 90% so far have been women.
    I looked up the crime stats online and found men commit 85-90% of all violent crimes, and senior citizens commit only 3%. These numbers are way off skew, this county needs to be exposed.
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    "Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in. Those who labor in the earth are the Chosen People of God, if ever he had a chosen people. "
    - Jefferson, Thomas. 18th century American statesman.
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    Good points on 2nd amendment;
    actually an excellant point.

    Interesting, didnt know that. Was aware that one of the great topics of early USA preaching [1776,1777.......] was Israel was an example to our new nation. Actually some used the nickname ''New Israel''for USA. not as a replacement but as a helpful nickname

    T Jefferson gave federal gov money for buying Bibles for the indians also.

    murray TT:cool:
  9. Again, Jefferson was a great thinker.

    The Son of God is dispersed in a "land" - this world - foreign to the land he lives in - heaven. Nothing on earth can ultimately change his Oneness.

    "Many are called, but few are chosen" simply means all are called the Son, few have chosen to accept it. Therefore, the "chosen" are merely those who have made the choice to accept this...now.

    The acceptance of the Oneness of the Son prevails over his denial. Dispersion is the result of denial. Oneness denies the reality of dispersion...which is symbolic of the idea of separation. Denial of the Son's unity guards the gates of hell - this world. Oneness prevails against that idea.

    So you have to choices. Those choosing reality are the real "chosen".

    Isreal is symbolic of this truth. Ultimately, dispersion is not real, while Oneness (holiness) is. The "promised land" has nothing to do with an unreal land - this earth. The promised land is regained through recognition of Oneness.

    The Son of God is Christ, and in Christ there is no "Jew nor Greek" because there is ultimately no Jew or Greek, only One Son. That is what I meant when I said, "Be one, even as I and the Father are one". This is the way to "inherit" the "inheritance" you can never lose: Your identity as the Son of God...who is the "promised land". This is because having and being are the same thing. You are heaven, and will remain in "hell" until you accept this for yourself, and all others without exception, for there are no exceptions - none more or less special - in the Son of God.

    To believe in "me" is to believe in this indivisible unity, because I am one with all, and all is one with me. This is your escape from hell.

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