Favorite Permufe on a woman

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    I admit that "oils" drive me crazy. "China Rain" brings back memories.

    Post your favorite perfume that always turns your head when a woman wears it.
  2. Well, many permufes are a bit overpowering...permufes?

    Recall an indian girl popping out of the shower once, and she just reeked of everything sensual- (didnt look bad in a towel, either), turned out it was a hair oil basically, every possible (and good) smell; strong cloves, touches of hot cardamon perhaps, maybe hints of coconut oil and definitely a remarkable fusions of other hot and mild spice scents, all capped of with the subtlest and sweetest overtones of vanilla.

    Needless to say, she was quite the dish, (groan), but yeah, that scent was mindblowing-no idea what it was exactly of course, so that's a fat help.

    Definitely my favourite "toilet odour", for sure.
    I love a nice permufe.

    Oh, come on-what do you think "eu de toilette" means?:)
  3. Tommy girl.

    Tommy girl with cigarette smoke, even better.
  4. Michael Kors
  5. I luv a good permuff...
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    dont know what its called - perhaps i should ask, but its the one all the strippers wear.


    (classy guy)
  7. I prefer a neatly trimmed permufe. :D
  8. I prefer my BVLGARI AQVA pour homme on a woman, if you know what I mean. :p
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    Issye Miyake -- hands down....no competition!
  10. LOL!!!
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