Favorite movie gun battles

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    I love the scene at the end of "Reservoir Dogs" when everybody has their gun pointed at each other and they all shoot at once. (I know, I know, he ripped it off from John Woo, but Tarantino did it better, imho.)

    The violent climax at the end of Taxi Driver is a masterpiece of carnage.

    The gunfight at the end of "Once Upon a Time in the West" between Fonda and Bronson is a classic western showdown.

  2. Well........how to go past the lobby scene in the matrix i dont know.......and the arcade gun battle form terminator was right there too.

    I guess they work, for having abandoned the pretense of mortality, heat was good though-just all those westerns and war movies, where they fall down dead, (invariably forward, strangely) from a single hip fired, unaimed shot leave me cold after a while.

    Oh, saving private ryan. Damn.
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    I like the westerns:

    Back To The Future (Part III)---Marty McFly vs. Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen. (Spoken in rough, gravelly voice: "Mad Dog---I hate that name!".....You had to see the movie.)

    The Quick And The Dead---John Herod.....baaaad dude (Gene Hackman).

    Open Range---Kevin Coster and Robert Duvall. If you eeever need a real bad job done, contact Charley Waite (Costner) and Boss Spearman (Duvall). They don't mess around!
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    Yep that's a good one.

    Saving Private Ryan has several good scenes and of course there is Band of Brothers. The D-Day attack on the 88's and the Carentan episodes are my favorites.