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  1. Before I came across ET I never bothered much with reading anything investment/money/trading related on the internet, I just figured - incorrectly - that it would all be a load of BS and that no "legitimate" trader would hang out on a trading message board. Besides, I liked doing my own thinking. Well, guess, I was wrong. Even though you probably have to dig deep to find it, some of the links people here have posted have lead to some quality information.

    I wonder if people wouldn't mind posting their favorite trading/business/money related websites. I'm not after any chatrooms that make calls - so vendors, please, I don't care how good you are, I'm not interested.

  2. vinigar


  3. anyone have a good site for timely energy news, such as API's, etc?
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    I find this thread particularly VERY interesting as it allows sharing website discoveries ... Thanks Daniel for starting it ... but most of all for succeeding in keeping it going ... I started a similar one few weeks ago ... and it got deleted the next day ... while it contained EXACTLY the SAME IDEA .... anyway ... it doesn't matter as long as we finally have it here .... and I really hope it doesn't get deleted tomorrow ...

    Finally, here is another suggestion by a friend of mine who is an active day-trader ...

  7. This is a great site:


    they have both pay and free services - I find the free info useful, especially the MarketSummary (excellent), Carpet, and some of the scans.
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