Favorite iPhone Apps

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    I would like to start a thread on favorite iPhone apps.

    Hands down, my favorite is midomi. It allows you to get the name of a song you are hearing simply by putting your iPhone next to the speaker. You can also type in some lyrics. My daughter is constantly asking me for my iPhone so she can run midomi in the car.

  2. I don't own one but somewhere I saw a fretboard emulated on an Iphone that works. YouTube has players of it some of which are pretty good for what its worth.
  3. pandora radio, bloomberg, shazam, google earth, NY times.

    a few of my favorite iphone things....

  4. Simplify Media, Pandora, Bloomberg, MLB At Bat, TWC, SportsTap, Tech News, VCN Lite, Google Earth, Enigmo (great addictive game), Baseball (Baseball stats app), Google, Phone Flix, Wikipanion, Pangea VR, All Countries.
  5. Definately the farting app.:D
  6. I like live poker and the to do lists, among others.
  7. Zenbe, Shazam, VoiceNotes, Flixster, Melodis Dialer, Garf, FaceBook
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