Favorite indicators for trading the S&P500 E-minis?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by silvermotion, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. What are your favorites indicators when trading the e-mini sp500?

    i use

    moving average
    donchian channels
    bollinger bands

    all in esignal on multiple 1min charts. i also use a 3 and 5min charts

    What are other traders using?
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  3. i use the nadaq :)
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  6. silvermotion

    Would you answer a few questions?

    How long have you been trading and what have you traded?

    How long have you been trading the emini?

    How many trades (round turns not contracts) do you do a day on average? Just wanting to get an idea of the number of setups and triggers you get in a day using the time frames you mentioned.

  7. i am a newbie on the day trading scene, i have been a fund manager for a financial cabinet for about 2 years. I quitted for day trading because of the potential the eminis have.

    my target is 2-4 points a day, as soon as i close a trade and i have at least 2 pts ill stop for the day and switch to simlation

    i currently play with 10 contracts, about 3 round trip or 6 trades a day, depending on the conditions.

    so im not looking for anyone to give me its secrets, just for general indicators i might not be using and that could be worthwhile ton take a look at
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  10. Hey, Does MACD work on S&P? and what settings do you use on that?
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