Favorite Indicators Anyone?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by magi1975, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. magi1975


    Hello. First post. :)

    First of all, I'm glad I found this forum. There's a lot of good ideas around here, so I visit this forum frequently.

    I was wondering what do some of the successful e-mini traders use for TA. Since I started this thread, I'll go first.

    E-Mini NQ using TS 6

    3 Charts: 1, 3, 5 Min Candlestick

    Slow Stoch

    3 EMA's: 4, 8, 16

    I also have volume charted on the 3 min to watch interest. I trade from 8:30-11:30 CST on most days.

    I'm looking for new ideas to enhance my trading, so I'm sure I'll get flamed for even starting this thread. I don't know anyone who trades, so I'm reaching out here. :D
  2. Some good ideas on Paltalk every morning... Business/Finance Group... Logicmaster Room has plenty of ideas on price and momentum. Really just tape reading with tick charts. Buffy and Dave's room is good too. Good luck
  3. magi1975, YOU WILL GET KILLED!

    just kidding...

    I personally prefer the tick chart, but I plot a 4 minute, a 9 minute and an 18 minute EMA onto it.

    However, the most important indicator I use for ES and NQ are the underlying cash indices as well as the relation between the two indices and the two contracts (which means, for example, that my indicators for NQ are NDX, ES, and SPX) as well as the DJIA and TICK.
  4. janko


    just curious, is the cash futures available for example on q charts, or realtick, if not how does one go about getting them. is it necessary to have them, or if youre more of a intraday /possibly swing trader -ex:10min-couple of hours trader - can you do with out them? any big advantage to having them? thnx for any help
  5. Kymar



    The question of the usefulness of the futures indices to stock-traders is a matter of some controversy. Some traders wouldn't make a move without checking them. Others will work up comparison charts demonstrating that any belief that the futures lead (or reliably lead) equities is at best illusory. Then there's a third position which I've seen expressed as "Sometimes lightning strikes first in Chicago; sometimes it hits New York."

    Since some traders find them useful, I'd have to side with the third position: Even if the futures aren't totally reliable as leading indicators (as if any indicator is totally reliable), even if sometimes they may be misleading indicators, and though I end up following the cash indices much more closely, I do try to keep track of the futures (esp. during pre-market hours), and find that they can sometimes be useful - and I'll happily acknowledge that one trader's "sometimes useful" or "totally irrelevant" or "a complete crock" can turn out to be the basis of another's entire technique.
  6. janko


    thnx kymar, i guess one thing i should have pointed out is that - it would be trading futures not stocks, so my question should have been regarding using the cash relative to futures in intraday trading. But i think you answered it, so basically its sometimes tough to know which one to pay more attention to cash or futures. I guess i need to look at them and study it for a while.
    thnx for your help.
  7. Kymar



    I misunderstood your post. I'm glad you found my post useful anyway, though I suspect that, if I were trading the futs (not now, maybe some day), I'd have a different perspective on the relationship, and I'm sure that others at ET have a much sophisticated analysis than I can offer.
  8. TNO-Mike



    You can get the E-mini quotes on RealTick ($10 per month) or you can get the Full CME data feed ($60 per month). If you are using the platform, contact your broker to add these data feeds.
  9. 3dog


    The best indicator? -- always watch THE PRICE! :)

    Seriously, you're wasting your time if you're wondering if 3 is better than 4 better than 5, etc., etc.

    Look at a short term chart, and try to determine where it might go to hurt the most people -- and undoubtedly that's where it may end up! (and then it will reverse - ha!)

    For NQ, watch the SOX for confirmation, and the Net Tick on the Naz Composite.
    And whichever Naz big cap stocks are leading that day in whatever is that day's primary direction.