favorite guitar solos

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  1. I like many, but my favorite is in "The Fly" by U2.
  2. Toonces


    "Intruder" by Van Halen. (This is the intro that some radio stations play before "Pretty Woman".)

    Actually Alex Van Halen is playing drums along with Eddie's guitar, so technically I guess it's not a solo. Still sounds great though.
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    Since you asked, one of the best, if not the best solo, is by Yngwie Malmsteen in "Queen in Love" which is on the Triology album. (Apart from other qualities, it's very cleanly fretted).

  4. imo, Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitar player ever. he has soooo many awesome solos, but my fav is probably the one in "I'll Wait"
  5. i also really love like every guitar solo on Metallica's black album.
  6. Jimmie Hendrix Live at the Fillmore East with the Band of Gypsies, the guitar solo in Machine Gun. I think that is his most incredible solo period. It sounds like he is simply tripping his brains out. To me it kind of is his definitive solo.
  7. Jimmy Pages solo inside of "Since I've been loving you" has got to be the best.......I didn't know The Edge could even play lead guitar.....lol
  8. Chuck Berry's

    "...My Ding a Ling...."
  9. rickty


    Yes, "Band of Gypsies" is fantastic live album. Great solo on Machine Gun. Incredible the sounds he gets to make his guitar sound like dropping bombs, etc.

    I also like on "Electric Ladyland" the solo on "Woodoo Chile, Slight Return". I actually bought some sheet music with CD which explains how to play this solo. The rendition on the CD (played by some no name guitarist) is actually very good.
  10. The Edge is one of my favorite guitarists. His style is just not technically that complicated, but the notes he plays are sometimes like perfect, imo. For example, the guitar in "With or Without You" is all very simple and complexity is just totally not even needed at all.
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