Favorite food for daytraders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wirelessbull, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. I think I will place an empty plastic bottle by my trading terminal to accomodate calls to nature. That way I can drink as much lemonade as I want and still go for a piss, while continuing to monitor my positions. But I must label the lemonade and the urinal bottle carefully, otherwise I will truly be taking resource recycling to the extreme.
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  2. oh candle!
    that is nasty my friend!
    I actually have a funny story about that.

    It involves a crowded college bar, a long line for the men's room, an empty pitcher, and a girl who insited that she had left her pitcher of beer near my friends and I.
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  3. eggs, sausage, grits, biscuits and gravy, coffee for breakfast. Beer and pizza for lunch. Snacks to fill in between.:D
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  4. neo_hr


    You nailed it Nic' ! :cool: :p :) :D :cool:
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    But I must label the lemonade and the urinal bottle carefully, otherwise I will truly be taking resource recycling to the extreme.

    Couldn't let that one slip by without letting you know that you gave me a hearty sized chuckle. :)

    Besides normal eating I keep a water container near my trading desk so that I can get my 8 glasses of water a day (or thereabouts). Gotta keep the system flushed, y'see. If I'm in a trade and the price is near my stop I hold it until I'm out of the trade. If the price is moving favorably then I'll put in a trailing stop, and head for the head.
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  6. exce26


    I heard from fellow traders who take Viagra before trade to spike up(in another word: energize!)
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  7. Usually just strong coffee amd sublingual vitamin B complex. Occasionally some fruit juice. The sublingual vitamins get into the system quickly. After the market is closed I like to cook pasta and seafood, serve it with good wine. The more people at dinner the better my wife and I like it.

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  8. neo_hr


    El Cazador,

    We enjoy seafood in Croatia very much, am I invited to dinner :p ?
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  9. vinigar


    My computer is on a cart, which is rolled right up to the bathroom...there is a coffee pot for which I drink about fifty cups a day...a copy of investors business daily is in the magazine rack...a picture of bin laden is on the door with darts stuck in it...a small tv to watch bloom and cnbc..and of course a dozen donuts from Krispy Cream............I REALLY ENJOY THE DAY:D :D :D
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    Over the road truckers often use a "pickle jar" to avoid too many costly stops. But a tired driver on a dark night and not a car in sight for a mile and you can guess how many times a reach for the Snapple turns out to be a drink from the pickle jar! Just glad I work during the day and after a good night sleep!
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