Favorite food for daytraders

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  1. In the same way that various kinds of music (i.e. classical etc) may improve a traders concentration - how about food ? Is it caffeine only in the morning or do some foods give you an extra edge ? After a long day, what kind of meal gets you going for the next trading day ?

    My vote: KALBI: Korean Short Ribs - fantastic !! :)


    P.S. It's dinner time in Honolulu so you know where my mind is at ;-)
  2. liltrdr


    I would like to eat pizza which is my favorite but it makes me too damn groggy. So instead I stick to grilled chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes or other healthy foods on the weekday. Basically, I try to eat like a bodybuilder would so I can keep my insulin level steady throughout the day. I stay away from caffeine unless I'm desperate. Ginko Biloba seems to help though. On the weekend, I might get trashed and eat pizza with extra cheese and sausage and all the good stuff. And since I trade from home, I love to listen to Paul Oakenfeld and LTJ Bukem.
  3. Babak



    its very high in nutrients, its easily digested by the body and it is healthy

    ....I try to avoid a lot of liquids for obvious reasons :p
  4. Like Babak, I try to minimise on my liquid intake, since the last thing I need to do is to wet my pants as a result of not being able to leave a trade.
  5. as for me, i love coffee...so I try to eat a decent breakfast of cereal, bagel, coffee, and juice...then a small lunch,whatever's in the fridge,...and luckily I've got a girlfriend who cooks a nice dinner everynight (otherwise I'd eat pizza and taco's every other night)
    never had much of a problem with too much liquids, but I'll say this, the coffee usually makes sure I clean out the pipes before the open.:D
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    a light thread for a change :cool:
    My doctor is mad, but I don't eat anything in the morning or at 12:00... Just coffee. Food makes me sleepy and obviously that's not good.
    I start to eat at 3:00PM when I am done with trading.
    Fruit would be a good alternative. But I guess that's too healthy for me. :p

  7. liltrdr


    This is a real problem. I think more water helps the brain think better but it makes me go wee wee. Maybe if I had some kind of catheter system... or maybe I could just use "Depends". That would get rid of the whole bathroom problem entirely :)
  8. Dano


    Great thread :) I usually eat fruit. Bananas, and oranges. For liquids I drink Sobe, Gatorade, and coffee. I have a bathroom inside my trading office, about 15 feet away.....for emergencies, + all of my trading alerts are of the sound variety.
  9. i guess you could always solve the bathroom problem by putting a wirless laptop in the jon, or something like that...wirless network to a wearable computer even if you really want to get crazy.
  10. kojak


    More protein and less carbs (especially less simple sugars)
    helps keep my mind sharper throughout the day.
    Of course, I can't live without my morning and early afternoon
    cups of coffee.
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