Favorite Day-Trade Stocks

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  1. Would anybody like to share their favorite day trading stocks?

    I'm looking to build a stable of 5 or 6 favorites based on a couple of factors.

    1. Must have good volume for liquidity
    2. Must have decent intra-day volatility

    Thanks in advance.
  2. magicz


    DOW stocks...
  3. sabunabu


    AAPL, CME, GOOG, COP, and BOT.

    All have good volume (BOT is somewhat questionable here) and all swing dollars daily.
  4. EBenson


    :) :D :p

    God Bless the Semis
  5. GOOG. Why waste time with anything else?
  6. Everything that gaps and is active.
  7. nassau


    nasdaq stocks - nvda, rimm, bidu, mrvl, brcm,

    some good stocks with volume and within dollar moves for the day under 30
    bcrx, rhat, vclk, nvls, ati, atyt, palm, and believe it or not intc on most days

    nvda is excellent for day trading as it swings to the highs and lows several times a day usually.

    good luck with your trading.

  8. white



    Good volume, but not to crazy.

  9. i have never seen so many pikers in my life. those stocks blow. bot and goog. how do you keep your losses to a minimum. of the people who responded i would like to know your monthly profit over the past 24 months. knowing the posts on this site i would not expect someone to have consistent profits trading those horrible stocks.
  10. EBenson


    what pikers?
    blow..?what counts is enough volume to easily get in and out and enough price movement/volatility...

    ..."losses,...people,...24 months..."

    were not in school/university here...you remind me of a guy couple of months ago who asked me how can i trade AMAT on the long side now at 15-16 when it has fallen from 22-23 and that probably i must have immense losses because of that:D
    ...thats why they call it "day trading"- you go in,you get out,you make 12cents,you loose 12 cents...there is always another trade,another day,another week,another possibility/situation...another train,as laszlo birinyi used to say - "trading stocks is like a NY subway station: there is always another train,just make sure to get the right direction"

    AND MOST IMPORTANT : THERE ARE ALWAYS LOSSES,ALWAYS,you gotta get used to having losses just like you have to get used to othe unpleasant stuff in life like gettin up 6AM every morning(for example).

    one of the stocks ive been trading(BRCM) has seen $240 some years ago,it has also seen single digits and now its in the 40s...so what a looser stock...haha...i dont care if its going back to the single digits as long as it keeps good volume and some movement.
    sure,BRCM can have days and longer....where it doesnt move much...which means one moves to another one etc...

    ...or if nothing else you can trade the Qs until you get blue in the face:cool: :cool: :cool:
    ..or just dont trade

    ...and yea,in my opinion too, every now and then INTC,CSCO and the like can get interesting.

    look,Mr Know-It-Better ,you can "daytrade" stocks on the long side in falling market...of course you can also trade em short .
    i suggest that you go to the psychology section and make a poll on it.


    "i would like to know your monthly profit over the past 24 months."
    ---> you sound absolutely childish: i could be making money,i could be loosing money,i can tell you any kind of BS ...TO ASK HOW MUCH MONEY PPL ARE MAKING ON AN INTERNET FORUM IS THE WRONG QUESTION,IMO,here on ET just as on the countless other trader forums xcept you know people personally...and still its not guaranteed ,i say imo...maybe others will disagree:p

    if you stay long enough with stocks you will see that there are stocks that the crowd loves for a day,week,month...year...stocks will come and stocks will go,some will stay good for "daytrading" for years and some will "mature".

    I wish you best of luck with your "winner stocks" that dont "blow":) :) :) :)
    Good Trading m8 and may you never loose money on any stock cause remember : real traders&ET vets never loose money,never.
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