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  1. Atlantic


  2. the guy with the 996 porsche. my hats off to you. I gotta hang out with you.

    As far as domestics versus imports. Domestics are definitely the fastest. you can get a new camaro around 30, or a slightly used one for around 20. Drop 4 g's and get a supercharger and you're over 400 horses. That'll woop anything.

    If I wanted speed, I'd get a vette and supercharge it. But me personally, I like style and handling. I'm more of imports, but IMHO civics are $hit.

    I currently have a mitsubishi 3000GT, non turbo, ouch I know. When I get out of the military, I'm considering a subaru WRX. All wheel drive turbo... that can get hooked up pretty nicely.

    If all goes well with trading, my goal is to get a Porsche carrera. May not be the fastest for the money. Viper would be the best bang for that price range, but still. Porsche... there is no substitute.

    If I had the money for a ferrari... I would stlil have one, but just to have an exotic that no one has. How about a TVR? Like the one in the movie "Swordfish?"
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