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Discussion in 'Politics' started by marketsurfer, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. smokey_mcPaat

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    hey man- have you checked out symbolic motors in la jolla? i cant wait until i can go in there and drive one out... a porsche turbo, a 550 marranello or 560 modena....decisions, decisions
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  2. I used to live 3 houses down from Symbolic. I now live on Eads in La Jolla. I drive by there everyday.

    I have my eye on the black Bentley Arnage. Only $275,000.
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  3. Porcsches and such are nice, I prefer the old Detroit Muscle.

    '70 Hemi Challenger Convertible

    I read that a '70 Chevelle Convertible, likely a SS 454, sold for $170, 000 at auction not long ago.

    This current rush to buy autos reminds me of the car market after 1987. People bid up cars at an alarming rate just like they did with stocks.


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  4. F355. Bought with last years trading profits. Fulfilled a dream.
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  5. Atlantic



    i love the f355 - best looking ferrari ever for me

    forza ferrari!
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  6. Atlantic


    there you have it - the ferrari f2002 - the best racing car ever built!
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  7. smokey_mcPaat

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    whats crazy is that michael schumacher, the F1 driver for ferrari, is the highest paid athlete in the world- making over $40 million a year to drive ferraris !! i'd do it for a LOT less...
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  8. Free. I would do it for free. But I would have to keep the women, and the free cars, and the jet, and ......well, not free....
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  9. RAY


    I too love cars.

    I currently drive a 2002 BMW M3. Great Car.
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  10. Atlantic


    he's da man - and worth every cent. ferrari had to wait 21 years for what he did.

    and as far as i know - he makes almost $70 million (before taxes) ...
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