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Discussion in 'Politics' started by marketsurfer, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. nitro


    Honestly no.

    I don't know, but if a sports car doesn't shake back and forth from the power of the V8, I can't get too exited.

    Those things sound like a lawnmower to me...

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  2. smokey_mcPaat

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    nah- i think they sound like a weed whacker on steroids....i just don't understand why people would spend thousands of dollars to fix up a P.O.S. 4- banger that would get blown away by any old stock v8 camaro or corvette- what is really lame, and i see alot of in my home of san diego is these guys that have little civics lowered with rims and the big muffler and the huge spoiler with all the stickers of the japanese parts they used plastered ALL over the cars and usually some silly graphics on the side....i mean get real- you are still driving a P.O.S.- you just wasted some money on it- imagine getting a decent honey if you drove a civic that sounded like a weed whacker.

    hey JW- how much for the porsche?? :D :D i love that car....bet its fun to drive !! i'd have WAY too many tickets with one of those :D

    and i'm currently looking into either an escalade (the new model) or a range rover 4.6....just can't decide !! seems i could get a rover much cheaper.....
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  3. Babak


    smokey, a lot of those POS civics have nitro modified engines.
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  4. Fill me in!
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  5. Hey, I put it into the paper for sale last week!

    Check out the SD Union Trib.

    I would love to move up to a Ferrari Spyder Conv. !!!!!!

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  6. smokey,

    no question--- the new rover 4.6 is the BEST 4x4 ever made. any 1998 + 4.6 blows the pants off of an escalade.


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  7. Yeah, seems like a bunch of "Fast and the Furious" wannabees.

    You also forgot to mention the 20" subwoofers going boom, boom. It drowns out the weed wacker sound IN the car so only "we" can hear the weed wacker exhaust when we pass them by.
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  8. sub7slak


    Hey Smokey, I ain't gonna argue with you big boys driving ferraris and bentleys (god knows I want a garage of them like JD), but the honeys that dig it is what matters right?...you telling me the girl on this site with the integ and civic don't look fine? www.importmodels4u.com Yo man, I don't know about you but it's all about getting the pussy you know what I'm saying? so whatever that get your type...peace out smoke
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  9. smokey_mcPaat

    smokey_mcPaat Guest

    hey, i hear ya brother !! and those girls ain't too shabby...now i have no problems with modded imports but the ones i like are beefier- give me a supra turbo or a GS400 that i can really crank some ponies out of and watch out !!! thats all i want in life- a great 4x4, some quads and a damn fast sports car (thinking porsche now) hey, that car show looks pretty cool- is it all civics and integras or are there some real sports cars there too? looks like a pretty cool scene- might have to check it out- i'm living in pacific beach now- you gonna hit up street scene? should be madness !! 10 of my buddies coming down, should be some good, drunken times...:D L8zzz
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  10. smokey_mcPaat

    smokey_mcPaat Guest

    hey, JW you want to know the funniest car i have seen like that so far? a purple VW bug lowered with 18" gold/ silver rims, stickers all over it, dual overgrown weed whacker exhaust and these two guys that thought that they were badass with their hanes wife beaters and backwards caps on, cruising down garnet ave in PB bumping Warren G on the 12"s!!(well, i guess my truck is as bad- 3 JL 10's with 800watts) i almost pissed myself laughing !!:D almost as funny as the blatant transvestite i always see sat night in PB- one time i pointed her/him out to a friend and he yells, "Holy sh#*t- thats a man!!" so damn funny- then it yells back "more of a man than you'll ever be, honey!!" -everyone in line at the bar was laughing !! the funny stuff you see in this town- i love it!!
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