favorite books on freedom

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  1. what are your favorite books on personal freedoms ?? mine are as follows---

    1. freedom and the law--- leoni

    2. human action

    3. capitalism-- a treatise on economics

    4. man, economy and state

    5. free to choose--- milton friedman

    it is my belief that if everyone would read and understand these books, our society would be a much better place.


  2. Babak


    anything by Ayn Rand (especially the masterpiece 'Atlas Shrugged')
  3. SubEtha


    This book was a real eye-opener to me.

    The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy
    by Noreena Hertz

  4. that's not a book written about freedom, its a book that says the private sector has too much freedom.
  5. SubEtha



    It's obviously about freedoms.

    What's your point?
  6. Open Society and It's Enemies -- Vol 1 & 2... Karl Popper

    While I don't pretend to understand everything I read in these two volumes, I absolutely loved them...

  7. she's good to get you thinking, and i'll admit to agreeing with her (and other 'freedomites') only because i like their conclusions, not because i find her arguments all that compelling..

    she likes to think she's uncovered some natural law of the universe that says if man could be free to do whatever he wanted, abra cadabra, it would be the best possible world for everyone. yeah riiigght.

    (i've read shrugged, fountainhead, virtue of selfishness, unknown ideal, so i'm pretty familiar with her)
  8. The Market For Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill