Favorite authors FICTION ONLY PLEASE

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  1. bellman


    My list includes:

    Ernest Hemmingway
    Chuck Palahniuk
    Charles Bukowski

    For those who are fans of the same authors as I am, can you suggest someone new for me to give a try.

    This is totally unrelated, but that's what we have the chit chat section for.
  2. My favortie fiction writer is ummnnn, umnn.. what's that guys name who writes for G Bush?

    My second favorite fiction comes from the editors of the NY Times.

    Just kidding around, really can't contribute, never read fiction in my life. Everything I've read is made up. Maybe I don't understand fiction.
  3. try listing genres instead of authors, you might get more comments. Not everyone reads the same authors you do, but might have ideas of good authors in your area. Hemingway I have read, but never heard of the other two. Such as:

    sci fi?

    historical biographies?




    etc. etc.?
  4. bellman


    well, chuck palahniuk has written a horror trilogogy and a science fiction trilogy, but he is part of the transgressional fiction genre.

    as for charles bukowski, i would probably place him in the same genre... you know, it isn't as easy to classify good fiction. i mean, i don't care to read anything that fits exclusively into any of the categories you mentioned below. i just want good fiction, which makes you think, and is entertaining....

    Hemingway is classic, and most have at least heard of for whom the bell tolls, although my favorite hemingway work is probably the unfinished garden of eden

    the similarity between hemingway and palahniuk is that they both use direct and short prose. bukowski and palahniuk both question social structures and norms.

    i'm just wanting something as good as bukowski and palahniuk, and to hear others thoughts on the two of them as well. this is the only message boards that i'm active on, so i figured i'd give it a try.

  5. maxpi


    My drinking buddy Ernie would write like Hemingway and try to get a free trip to Florida every year to visit Hemingway's fav bar. He also got in over his head wheeling and dealing from Chicago to the Caribbean but he never seemed to want to write about that for some reason..........

    "They sat at the table with the candle between them" That would have been one of his opening lines.... it paints a picture right off...

    I've always read Sci Fi, currently am reading one by Jerry Pournelle. For a complete change of pace read Dave Eggars. A quote from one of his books: "The cold took on a dimension of it's own"... I've experienced cold that was so cold it took on a dimension of it's own but I never realized it until Eggars adequately described it... his writing is just chocked with odd things like that and humor, and weird precepts for stories... and a surprisingly good grasp of truth on his part that I am still putting together at a much more advanced in years stage of life than he is in....
  6. Tough to beat Ludlum for solid polical thrillers.
  7. hughb


    I haven't read fiction in over 20 years, but the last book I read was Shibumi by Trevanian. I guess you could say I liked the book, since I remembered it all this time. It's a spy novel, BTW.
  8. bellman


    Nice, author of the bourne identity. i'm sure he is solid, if i'm ever in the mood for a political thriller, good vs. evil, i'll give him a try.

  9. I have yet to read a novel by Harlan Coben that I have not enjoyed. Ken Follet, Wilbur Smith, Lee Child, Greg Iles. The list goes on.
  10. I have always enjoyed Clive Cussler as an author. He will take famous historic event or characters, such as the Titanic, the library of Alexandria, or others. Then he will put an interesting spin on it and develop it into an interesting story. It has somewhat of a Jacques Cousteau meets Indiana Jones meets archeologist meets spy meets...
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