faux energy crisis redux?

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  1. most of you were kids during the 70s Energy Crunch, so your information about it probably came from heresay. Those that have done some digging know that the 'crisis' was a 'manufactured crisis'. The government in conjunction with others withheld supplies and by way of the Media brainwashed the public into believing a 'crisis' was at hand.

    for example, if today the government used the Media in the same fashion 99.99% of the public would believe it and there would be a run on Energy: gas, coal, oil, fuel, etc..........

    so: my question is do they or will they have the audacity to try it again?

    Just a thought.
  2. Crisis will be redefined when the Arabs stop accepting US$ for oil.

    The only thing the US has going for it right now is that we supply the world with food and hackable Microsoft programs.
  3. sunnie


    Do you mean, did the government lie/misrepresent in the past?

    Does the government lie/misrepresent right now in the present?

    Will the government lie/misrepresent in the future?

    Does anyone REALLY believe anything (especially the statistics) that comes out of Washington????

    Just asking a few rhetorical questions....

    :D :D :D
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    This Supreme Court appeal with regard to the Cheney meetings says it all in my opinion. The fox is guarding the ole henhouse.

    All governments are corrupt. All you can do is fight for transparency, but most citizens don't seem to care.