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  1. Those of you who closely follow the rationales for my team's psych-based systems will recall the system called Boredom. In it we successfully quantified that market state which inexorably draws you to ET when you KNOW you should be attentive to the possibility of a BO.

    Similarly, we discovered the market conditions which cause in you the undeniable need to take a piss, with the result that the market moves just as you start relieving yourself.

    We are on the verge of a fantastic new system we call Fatigue. It quantifies the nature of the sequence of bars which causes you to say "I'll just take a little break to rest my eyes".

    All these systems are proof positive that the mysterious THEY who control the markets also control our minds, not to mention our bladders.

    Stand by for a chart of Fatigue after the close.
  2. BTW, PissBreak just signaled at 12:19 ET. Were you in the head then?
  3. At least this one is getting closer.

    Try 11:58 AM (all times Eastern and at close of bar).

    - Spydertrader
  4. I would have thought you would have shorted the double top at 11:18 ET.
  5. The market 'fanned' out on the way down, so it had to do the same on the way up. As such, one holds while the market moves laterally awaiting the next change signal to head short. Sorta' like the market is doing right now - moving laterally - so we wait on continuation down here looking for the next signal to head long.

    - Spydertrader
  6. We certainly see things differently. I was looking for a cup and handle to run to the HOD around noon (a common pattern lately). That failed, signalling a short. One of my best systems shorted at 12:06 ET.
  7. 11:54, 11:56, 11:58 (2 minute) YM (all times Eastern and close of bar). Go look at those 3 bars. Observe them in the context of Price and Volume. Now look at them within the context of a channel. Now look at what is developing currently on the ES. :D

    - Spydertrader
  8. Thanks for the advice, but I am too cheap to buy a YM subscription. I'll look at it with $DJX when I get a minute. You saw YM lead down? That system I mentioned stayed short until just now, after a little fibrillation went long at 1:11 ET.
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  10. Nice! Thanks. During that period in NQ my volume analysis said it was untradeable. I watch that P/V visually in NQ in 1-minute but took off the coding alerts because it wasn't reliable. Had every conceivable relationship between P&V coded up. Had high hopes for it based on your ES system.
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