Fathers day: how it must irk atheists.

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  1. "In his new book, Faith of the Fatherless, New York University psychology professor Paul Vitz reminds us that atheists have always argued that religious belief arises from psychological factors instead of the nature of reality. But after he became a Christian himself, Vitz began to wonder if psychological factors could explain a predisposition to REJECT God.

    Vitz studied the childhoods of more than a dozen prominent atheists. He became convinced that their rejection of God is linked directly to a defective relationship with their earthly fathers. By defective, Vitz means the father died, abused his child, or abandoned him."

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    The professor Viz must have it ass about tit. Demonstrably by the theists' God of the Bible, the father died, had abused his children, and abandoned them.
  3. Maybe the old man wouldn't have been defective if the old lady put out once in a while.

    I mean seriously, what good is a nice psyh evaulation without adding a bit of drama relating to "Mother"?

    If country and western songs are all about pick up trucks and drinking, how about a few psych tunes about sex, mom and Odepus.
  4. how does one hate something they dont think even exists? does anyone hate santa clause?
    on the other side how does one love or worship something they dont believe exists?
  5. i always wondered why atheist were so bitter and dogmatic. they whine about religious dogma.... it has been my experience that they are 10 times the fanatics of any other group. no wonder communism was such a blood thirsty movement... maybe stalin's father raped him?
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    ...and Hitler was a theist, so what would your erm, experience,tell you was his excuse. Abused by a nazi nun?

    now that, unlike yours, is an experience that could be strangly appealing