Father needs help.

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  1. There is another poster here that lives over by Shelter Island. And I have contact with another two traders. One lives in Bridgehampton and one in Southampton.

    Maybe what we need is an east end traders group? Nothing fancy, just informal meet and greet to discuss mkt conditions, investment styles...etc
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  2. I have a very close friend that is a nurse anesthesist and is hauling in some major jack, almost as much as the prez.
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  3. Pathus


    A lot of companies hire english majors. If she really wants to do something like investment banking or consulting, she could probably make a ton of money if she pulls top grades, does some business-related extracurriculars, and pulls off a good internship or two. There are lots of people who major in the arts and get good jobs.
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  4. With just as much liability as the prez too..
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