Father needs help.

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  1. Hopefully this service sector in the US will follow the manufacturing sector outdoor in terms of outsourcing. The US could really use a fix.

    National Science Board--Check out CA. 1st Quartile in Public School teacher salaries yet last in math and science performance by 8th grade students. Compare that to North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota - last in salaries yet first in performance.

    Google a few things on education in the US and its all about failing this and failing that. Is Teacher Education Failing? -- "Among other things, the report—by the former president of Teachers College, Columbia University, Arthur E. Levine—contends that most teacher-education programs have low admission and graduation standards, lack a cohesive approach to preparing educators, and have failed to keep pace with issues facing the nation's school system today." ( I noticed while attending ye olde university that the future teachers were the ones who defaulted to this area because everything else was too hard - hence the low standards mentioned here.)

    Another article from Columbia U had an interesting quote -"If we take that long to make the grade, ... the United States may be a colony of China by that time," said Michael A. Rebell, the executive director of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College, Columbia University...." -source.

    I wonder what the US will look like in 20 years with education labled as a failing field.
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  2. Yes we are
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  3. I was thinking of teaching her how to trade but to make living here (from my experience) she needs at least $300000 and that after she gets good at it…
    And she does not have this kind of money
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  4. How about a double major in english and something else she may like - perhaps economics? This would open up doors to other opportunites if she decided she didn't want to teach and give her a well rounded education. Good luck to her.
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  5. I just had to ask when I saw the 11901 after your name. :)

    I like Riverhead and the East End. (I'm near to you)

    Beautiful sunny day today but sure is windy and cold..tomorrow will start a warming trend I hope.
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  6. I would try to influence her to double major. She can always switch majors as well once she is in school. It may take her an extra year, but if you are that concerned, I would shell out the extra money for her sake.
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  7. Damn. Got some neighbors here. :D

    I live in Baiting Hollow.

    Hey Jerry,

    Heres an idea. As you know teaching positions are tough to get on LI. Is you`re daughter open to special education? My wife does home based care with autistic kids. She has her BA in education and got her masters in Spec Ed. The job is tough, but rewarding and the income is pretty good. And she makes her own hours to a certain degree. If you want to chat shoot me a PM.

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  8. Wow.

    You, John and I are all near one another. That is really interesting.

    Maybe someday we'll meet. :)

    That would be fun I'm sure.
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  9. My advice is whatever you do be the Rich Dad for her. Don't tell her "Honey, go get an education, as much as you can and go work for a big company." Go tell her to start her own business, build her own business.

    W-2 Employment is a rat race in America, it is highly taxed. Find out what her passion really is and help her start up her own business. 1099 is the only way to be.

    If she likes teaching, I would suggest that she major in finance and open up a financial services office. There is a dire need to service middle America in the financial services arena. $45 trillion is going to exchange hands in the next 15-20 years, hell, every 7 seconds someone turns 60. help her get her fraction of a percent of that $45 trillion. Network marketing nowadays is the way to go.

    The only real education your daughter needs is some tax planning, a Life and Health Insurance License, and a Series 6 license. The residuals from a modest 5-10 years of work will set her up nicely. Don't allow your daughter become a trap of the system of Ms. Sally Mae.
    Good luck. :)
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  10. I corrected/inserted Jerry instead of John from my earlier post. ( it was to late for me to edit and correct my original mistake name post)
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