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  1. Hello every one. I know that it is silly to ask this kind of question here, but I have no better idea. My daughter is top student in the High School, and is the process of choosing college. She is thinking of the Boston University and study English. I know she can be teacher after it, but the money they making here is a joke…Illegal immigrants with out English coming here (Long Island NY) and making more …What else she can do after graduation to make more money? Haw can I advise her? My you direct me to some web side where I can ask for advice?
  2. What does your daughter want to do with her LIFE? Sounds like she wants to be a teacher. If it is something that she wants to do, she will be successful and happy even though she might be able to make more money elsewhere. She will probably change her mind several times about what she wants to do with her life anyway.

    As a teacher, she will be taken care of for the rest of her life, whereas if she worked in the business world, she would be used and burned out, downsized like excess inventory, etc.

    Wouldn't she be getting 3+ months of vacation per year as a teacher? In 2003, 8% of Long Island teachers made $100,000+ per year. That's 5 times more than the average income in the county that I live in.
  3. Thank you for responding. She is not sure what she wan to do after college, but right now she wan to study English, because she is good at it…
    Teachers start at $40000 per year and that is low income here on Long Island.
    The question is what else she can do after graduation?
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    10% of Long Island teachers make under $43,000 a year. That's half the average salary in the county that I live in.
  5. Only 10%? They are just starting out and making twice the average salary in the county that I live in.

    If a teacher wants to make over 100k, they will have to put several years in.

    I have 2 cousins that are high school teachers. Rough life they've got. Summers off with their own kids, traveling the US, camping, living their lives while the peasants get 2 weeks off. Time off is something money won't buy. I have an aunt that decided to go to college at the age of 40 something and then taught school until retirement. Rough life on a teacher's pension what with traveling all over the world.

    Teachers get paid what they are worth. Anything of greater value I learned on my own.


    Your daughter has an unlimited amount of choices, maybe too many choices to make an easy decision, but there should be lots of info out there.


    economics majors $40,000 a year to start, Engineering majors $55,000, English majors $30,000



  6. Dont tutors oversea's do pretty well, compared to school salaried teachers?
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    Where in the hell do you live where the average salary is only 20k a year?
  8. Teach her to trade. You're right, the money as a teacher is JOKE, and not just that, but its a thankless, and under-respected job (at least by the students). I would KNOW, I have family in that field.
  9. Exactly. Like you said. HELL.

    $23k yearly average for women, before things went from bad to worse when the largest employer moved to Mexico about 1 year ago. I made only about $26k per year 5 years ago before I went on medical leave.

    We once were farmers. We once were manufacturers. Now we are....?

    My grandmother would often tell of the Great Depression about how the people in the towns had little or no food to eat, while she, living on a farm, had plenty. Grandpa walked all over the state looking for work as they had no car. I guess life's not bad here at all compared to then.
  10. Hi,

    I would say let her go to college in Boston and study English. Then as time goes on she might want to take another direction but I say encourage her to follow her instincts.

    Good luck to you and her and are you in Riverhead, Long Island by any chance?
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