Father and daughter for president?

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    Nope, it is his wife!

    Fred Thompson is the man who spent the better part of his adult life as a lobbyist for offshore companies? Fred was a registered foreign agent before he became a congressman?

    The once divorced ACTOR from Hollywood California is married to a gal that is a few years older than his own daughter. The dude married his daughter’s friend. That is creepy as hell, and very odd for the great conservative savior of the Republican party.

    Go for it Republicans, make this man your nominee, please!
  2. What's wrong with that? Would you rather prefer that she is a few years younger than his daughter?
  3. What's wrong with that?

    Nothing was wrong with this either?

    <img src=http://vizu.typepad.com/vizuble/images/old_man.jpg>

    Typical though of an immature older man marrying someone of his own level of emotional development.

  4. Maverick74


    It's interesting. You can see who the left is scared of the most by who they attack. Very telling. :D

    If the worst thing you can attack him on is his private life, then things are looking good for Thomson!
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    Isn't it past time for a Ron Paul supporter to charge in here?
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    And then again it may have something to do with her looks. (as opposed to emotional development and interests) :D :D
  7. actually a man with cancer turning 65 having a newborn in nov of 06 doesn't really fit into traditional conservative values. so now he has 2 very young children and his prognosis is at best 5 yrs. i think he needs to focus his remaining time on stretching out his life so his children have some time with a father before he passes on. very very sad...

    lets not forget this chicken hawk refused to serve his country and now thinks we should send over young boys to die in a war that is all based on neocon lies. lets also remember who he was a lobbyist for... i.e. GE and westinghouse. now his latest endeavors are that of trying to free a war criminal!!!

    only a new brand of fascism would think this guy is the party white night. i think the republicans have just become more ignorant than the democrats.
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    Yeah much better for a guy to be getting blow jobs from a fat ugly as shit intern in the oval office who was 30 years his junior. Or much better for Jack Kennedy to f*cking women 30 years his junior. Gee, by this standard Zzz, you must not think very highly of Bill Clinton and Jack Kennedy. Very, very interesting. :)
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    Good call TGregg! :D
  10. you beat me to it...guess the age difference would be ok if he were cheating(read- BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW WHILE PRESIDENT)...
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