Fatchick with hot girl?

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  1. Anyone notice this, It seems that for some reason a hot chick will always pair themselves with a fat chick.

    Why? Is it some sort of hedge, or is she doing the fat chick a favor?

    Interesting observation, almost like some kind of vagina hedging going on.
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    Funny, I just heard, or read a story about woman these days who use larger women for bridesmaids at their weddings to make themselves look good. So I would say yes that is what they are doing when they go out also. It maybe somewhat unconscious, but makes sense.
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    I've known two average looking women that surrounded themselves with dogs. . . and yeah it really does make them look better.
  4. I wonder what the poor fat girls thinking when she's with the skinny chick?...how does she hedge herself too? :p
  5. It's a win win. Fat girl gets access to hot guys. Skinny girl has a non threatening friend.


    Back in the day an ordinary guy might make friends with a fat girl hoping she has a hot girlfriend, (usually was the case).

    Pffttt. now they're all fat. Brides, bridemaids, sisters, mothers.

    How's this play out in this era of new age obeisty? Fat girlfriend has even fatter girlfriend. Everyone is clueless when it comes to self image.

    What's under the tent? A tunnel. :D :D :D
  6. lol, you guys DO REALISE how f--ed up that is tho right? I mean just the pure egotistical, selfish nature of being with someone so you look better?
  7. Guys do the same thing just in a slightly different way...
  8. It is an to provide an optical illusion, I bet that hot girl if she was seperated from the fat chick might not look so hot.

    Like this picture of moving wheels but it is an illusioon.

  9. Such as?... :)
  10. We had a fat kid in our group. He had the money.
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