Fatah vs. Hamas If we can't kill Jews we'll kill each other

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  1. I guess it is really necessary for the Palestinians to hate the Israelis, because when they are not focusing on killing jews, they turn on themselves. After the 5 minute cease-fire on Friday, I think it is plain to see that the Palestinians have bigger problems internally than people want to admit.

    I'll wait for PLATO to post a conspiracy article explaining how this internal fight is really the work of Zionists.
  2. Palestine is a perfect example of why dictatorships are the must successful form of governement for most of the muslim world.

    If you leave them alone eventually they will just kill each other.
  3. sounds just like the catholics and protestants in ireland.
  4. Or given a few years, Republicans and Democrats in the US.
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    All you guys full of your opinions. Wow so very impressive. You must spend all your time watching Fox News.

    Try http://www.democracynow.org/


    Remember one thing Isreal has the 4th most powerful military in world and Palestine..........well no tanks, no helicopters, no jets or naval attack cruisers they got a few rusty AK-47s and rocks that the kids throw.

    So folks maybe just a little bit of reasearch and thinking.
  6. What does this post have to do with the undisputable fact that fanatic Muslims spend as much time blowing each other up in the name of religion as they do trying to figure out new ways to blow up infidels like me and my friends??

    Have you seen the news coming out of Baghdad recently? It's hundreds every day now.

    When was the last time you saw Jews massacring each other in the streets by the thousands?

    Hmmmm... now I wonder why it is that you never see that?

    I also don't understand the Fox news reference. Isn't it the American left that's supposed to be the evil associate of Israel?

    Hard to keep track.
  7. drmarkan, for a smart guy, you can be pretty stupid. Not only is Palestnians not focusing on killing Jews not the main reason for them turning on themselves, it is not any reason for them turning on themselves at all. You have to be pretty brainwashed by or firmly planted in Israel's "amen corner" to utter such rank stupidity about Palestinians.
  8. I am not saying that not focusing on the Jews is the main reason for them turning on themselves. I am making the point that when they are not focused on the Jews, their internal problems are more visible to the rest of the world. It is easier to hide the problems of your own country when everyone has a common enemy to rally against.

    Look at the politicians in a lot of third world countries and the Middle East. They all rally their people behind hatred for the USA. These people believe that all of their problems stem from the "evil" USA. This is just a way of hiding the real problem that starts right with their own governments. If the USA disappeared off the face of the earth, none of these countries would be better off for it, and many would actually be in worse shape.

    This ties into the Palestinian conflict, because we have to ask ourselves why Israel should entertain negotiating any type of resolution with the Palestinians when they are unable to cooperate with themselves. How can the Israelis believe that the resolution will be honored, when a cease-fire between fellow countrymen is not even honored for more than an hour?
  9. DrMarkan,

    Your title to this thread succinctly explains the essence of Palestine: "If we can't kill Jews we'll kill each other". Palestine is the true culture of death.
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    They can afford it since they have one of the highest birthrates as a nation.:D
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