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Discussion in 'Journals' started by fat_slut, May 18, 2003.

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    my journal is going to chronicle how i worked the streets of chicago as a hooker to earn $50,000 in one year and used that to fund my first retail trading account.
    in 3 years, I had grown that initial account to over $569,000 using simple strategies that any decrepit crack addicted hooker like myself could follow.
    I don't understand how there are so many people here who just can't seem to make money trading......if you find the right system, its just SO easy......
    I don't want to reveal my edge, until I can be sure that I no longer need to walk the streets getting pimped out. Once I can get off smack and crack, then maybe I can start saving some of my trading profits, build my account, retire comfortably and then maybe I will describe how my system works. So, this journal will be about the hard knocks I have faced and how I was able to rise to the occasion and succeed.
    Next installment coming whenever I can get off my lazy fat ass......
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    I know ET is fertile ground for strange happening but this take the cake.:D
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  3. Not that I believe a word you're saying, but if you took $50,000 to $569,000 in three years, you can afford to reveal your edge. Telling it here will hardly dilute its power anyway - not even to a noticeable level. But everyone here will be very grateful, and your reputation and karma on this site will improve dramatically.

    There's a simple rule to journals, and if you follow it, you'll do fine: In order for us to frequent your posts, we have to get something out of them. In ascending order of preference, either be funny, insightful, or share some Ancient Chinese Trading Secrets. So far, you're setting yourself up for funny, and you could possibly pull off some useful and insightful stuff (similar to the strange but very good 'Phantom of the Pits'), but really, I don't have enough faith in humanity to even *hope* this turns out well. Maybe a guy masquerading as a female ex-prostitute can give us some good trading techniques, but it's pretty bloody unlikely. I would love you to prove me wrong by posting something useful and not wasting our time like so many others. Thanks.

    p.s. Before Candletrader says it, I'll say it - Post pix. heh heh :D
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    Yes, I'll be watching this thread with keen interest. I'm sure the posts will stay directly on the topic of trading, and no personal insults or attacks, please. Thank you.
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  5. Sometimes you CAN judge a book by it's cover.
  6. I think Fat Slut is a complete phoney. If you read some of Fat
    Slut's earlier posts, you can see that they all waste everyones time...
  7. or its author
  8. Fat Slut rocks... his trading skills are second to only Mr Market's...

    The meats and cheeses are on da way, dude...

    He transformed a 50k prostitution-based grubstake to 569k over the next 2 years... that rocks!!

    Lets check out the performance on an annualized basis, assuming Brother Flat Sut reinvested the proceeds...

    (569/50)^(1/2), where ^ denotes an exponent...

    Flat Sut's yearly return is a whopping annualized 237% (or for those who prefer multiples, a factor of 3.37x)... not totally amazing, but still impressive.... we love Fat Slut!!! He rocks!!!
  9. Sounds like a pilot for a Jerry Springer show!
  10. This oughtta be good :D got a ways to go to catch the "super-ego" thread though. But it's showing some promise...lol...
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