Fat people are funny!

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  1. I think so.

    Driving to work today I can feel somebody tail gating me. So I look in the rearview and see this frog of a human all scrunched up behind the wheel of a tiny honda. I about spit my coffee out all over my dashboard. I felt bad for about a second for laughing at the site before my eyes. But it quickly faded when I realized that being fat is a choice most people make.

    Besides the .001% of fatties that really have health and glandular issues we have the .999% remaining. Why do these people choose to be obese? Staying fit is easy. Eat light, dont eat processed foods and exercise..heck, three times a week of 20-30 minutes of cardio + a good diet is all it takes. Most people spend more time watching commercials on TV then they do outside. And dont give me the whole "poor people cant afford healthy foods". I can take the same money they use to buy bacon and ding dongs and buy enough veggies for three days consumption.

    It`s not the actual fat that makes me laugh. It is the fact that you have to work to get that way. So going forward I will not find fat disgusting. Fat people are the levity to ease some tension in our work a day lives. Whenever you are a little down take a good look at a fat person a smile. Cause whatever you have going on right now thats making you sad or stressed you can think to yourself. "At least i`m not that fat, lazy bastard!"
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    No pics? Sheesh. ;)
  3. Cartman???
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    "You gonna eat that last Big Mac?"
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    It doesn't seem especially funny when it comes to children. Children are children for a reason, they're not yet able to make proper, informed judgements when it comes to many things, like crossing the street w/o looking for traffic or eating apples instead of ding-dongs. Fat children make fat adults. Parents are supposed to do their job, they aren't supposed to let their 6 yr old child smoke cigarettes, drive a car, or stuff themselves w/crap that will slowly kill them and may become a lifelong habit.

    Obese, unhealthy adults more than likely have obese, unhealthy kids who will continue the cycle. It's learned behavior. No, you don't have to feel guilty about fat people, adults are responsible for their own behavior, but it's certainly nothing to laugh at.


  8. thats hilarious!
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    That's one of the things I don't understand. When I was a kid, we made Kool-Aide by the gallon (with a heaping cup of real sugar), ate very sugery cereal for breakfast and ate sweets every chance we got. The only diet soda I know of was Tab, and sacchrin (the only sugar substitute widely available) was supposed to cause cancer.

    OTOH, we were rarely indoors, and never watched TV during the day. Nor did we have computers or the net or video games, or cable, or sat TV or video tapes or even remote controls for the television. Even as teenagers, most of us didn't have cars. We'd ride our bikes wherever we needed to go. The problem with kids today (a sure sign of age is starting a sentence like that :D ) is not too much bad food, but too little exercise. So I guess I do understand after all.