Fat Fingers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by swinger, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. swinger


    Looks like someone typed in too many zeroes in a sale on the ER2, at 9:45 ET.
  2. guy from Nikkei apparently found a new job.....
  3. ozzy


    I was watching that. Funny shit.
  4. r-in


    Anyone know if the spike was big enough to cause trades to be busted? I used to have the rules for that bookmarked, but seems to be missing.
  5. ozzy


    I have no idea. but I'm looking to go long around 10:05 AM.
  6. jessop


    I had a nice short signal from the open but that spike down was pretty wild.

    Maybe clearing out a few longs from the recent chop....
  7. If you made money off the move, it'll be busted. If you lost, the trade will stand. Them's the rules.
  8. jessop


    Gotta love those fat fingers :D


    Now YM and then ES, what the hell is going on.
  10. have to correct that guy's error.. so they take the market down to get out of the excess trades b/e imo
    #10     Dec 15, 2005