Fat finger in DX?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. 2200 contracts bidding up Dec DX NYBOT to 82. Back to 75.8 now, took a couple minutes though. Makes you wonder if these trades are going to stand.

    Who just lost their job?
  2. I saw that spike and the T & S to back it up. Not many contracts, but there were trades done.
  3. kjreddy


    i did notice that quick spike to 85+ on DXY and shorted it , and made a quick 2200+ bucks :) :p
  4. Looks like they're going to cancel them, was worth the try though :cool:
  5. Yeah, God forbid we have a free market.
  6. kjreddy


    when a common man like me makes a few (only 2) hundred bucks to survive kinda like paying off my bills .... this trade becomes illegal :-(

    when billions are put in black holes by the FED all is legal :-(
  7. kjreddy


    I just noticed MY 2200+ bucks profit transaction has been reversed and the amount reversed from my trading account :-(
  8. I would assume you're now long.:eek: