Fat Bastard a.k.a. Michael Moore has officially lost it.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I get a bunch of movies i can watch for free on my satellite, so i put on "Capitalism a love story" or whatever it is called.

    I am only 30 mins in but Michael Moore should be checked in to the nearest institution.

    It starts out with a sob story about a guy who owned his house for 42 years and is getting foreclosed on, and Michael Moore makes it out like im supposed to feel sorry for the guy.

    Then it follows up with a person who is being foreclosed on who claims their acerage has been in their family for 3 generations.

    Heres a noble concept you morons. If you owned your house for more than 40 years perhaps it should be paid off, and you shouldnt be taking out home equity loans to spend money like an idiot. Im 29 and 75% of my house is paid off, who in their right mind would feel sorry for themselves when the bank forecloses on their home because they cant pay the loan when they have owned the home for 40+ years........ is this honestly what society has come to?
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    Now he is bragging about how good his dads life was working for GM in detroit in the 60's when the top tax bracket was 90%, implying the reason it was good was because of the high taxes.

    Guess what you fat pinko? The reason Detroits unemployment is so high today is because union thugs like yourself basically put GM out of business.

    We have more social services today then we had in the 60's so it wasnt the 90% taxes saving his dads lazy ass.

    LOL you cant even make this stuff up......
  3. Ricter


    Yes, that is what we've come to. We're a gambling society now. Just out of curiousity, how do you make your living?

    ; )
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    Toushe. :)
  5. Ricter


    Well there you go. Your gambling has, so far, paid off, though you have a backup plan, which is wise, because as you can see other people's gambling has not paid off for them. But at least you share a common value!
  6. Hello


    LOL i never got the joke at first, im to highstrung...... anyways cheers, im out to go golfing, have a good day!