fastow gets 6 years

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  1. unreal.truly unreal. guy fucks up over 100,000 lives. lost pensions.lost jobs.divorces, bankruptcies, kids who cant go to collegege... etc... 6 years.. what a joke- and imsure he has a few hundred mill tucked pays. that is disgusting
  2. White collar crime that is. Better risk/reward that other crimes. :D
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    So give him 25 years as well even though he helped convict other guys who did the same thing?

    Good luck getting someone to fully cooperate with law enforcement and help take down fellow criminals during a trail in the future.......

    It's a 1 step back, 3 steps forward type thing.... You know what I'm getting at?
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    theirs bound to be at least one psychopath out of all those people, who in six years will get their revenge the old fashioned way.
    now he can worry about that for the rest of his life.
  5. all i know is these ebbers, skilling, and ken lay got more time than gambino hitmen, rapists, murders, and gang leaders responsible for killing many.

    the sentences are absurd. you should never do more than 20 years for a non violent crime.
  6. i respectfully disagree...tens of thousands of pensioners are living in poverty because of the actions of these men... can't afford medicine, food, holidays... many are homeless. many have commited suicide. there is no second chance for these people. in six years these people will be worse off... cant go back to work at six years (prob less) fastow is in club fed.... gets out and is still young and will go dig up his millions. probably write a bestselling novel.. where is the justice in that??