Fastmarket ?

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  1. no I do not mean during trading hours ...

    but saw a post here on some firm that has

    -run for the hills- written on them all over

    at the very least there is no real transparentcy
    no real way for me to see what is really going on
    behind the magic curtain there as I am not a

  2. It's even more alarming when you look at who the company officers are..........Guido Ponzi, Vito Ponzi, Salvatore Ponzi, Teresa Ponzi...........................
  3. ok ... am looking to see if this "fastmarket" is

    listed yet as internet scam artists
  4. 'seems a lot of these scams use this "e-gold" money transferring scheme. Is that legit or fraudulent, too?
  5. ya gotta love it ... someone starts a group
    using egold as part of their name

    located in Vanatu ... ?

    P.O. Box XXXX Fax: (XXX) XXXXX

    I did a google and found this ...

    "Vanuatu is a group of 83 islands in the South West Pacific"

  6. gk1998


    :D This is the same place where Kazaa moved to evade prosecution.