Fastest way to lose money

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  1. Abdicate all responsibility for your own business by following a guru

    The only time Jack Hershey ever ventured on record he lost 26% in a trading contest.. imagine how much Jack would have lost with the psychological heat of real money on the line? SCT has become a religion and like all religions it is not based on fact, but is adhered to by glassy eyed devotees who cant think for themselves.. only brave individuals make money in this game.. not followers
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    Hello T28:

    Most of us are aware of this contest. I have never asked Jack the detail. It does not matter to me.

    SCT is at the pinnacle of trading Jack's method, I don't think many of us are there yet; most of us are trading at the channels level. If you are interested, please drop by the ET Chat room during market hours. You will find Spydertrader and a bunch of us discussing various market observations in real time.

    If you do find out more about that contest, please let us know.

    Have fun.

  3. Well why would you ask him Tums? Do christians ever question the bible.. or cult followers their leader? Anyway according to Jack he got too busy (once he was down 26%) and had to leave the contest.. which I think says quite a bit about him regardless of the dismal loss

    As for Spyders thread you be sure and let me know the very second any of you call a live trade or post in the P/L thread

    And I'll be sure and invest in heating appliances for hell :p

    You have fun too Tummy
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    No need for the P/L thread. Just come on by the ET Chat during market hours. You can see how people analyze the market in real time.

    p.s. in the chatroom, there are all kinds of people talking about all kinds of things. You will need to filter out the noise.
    e.g. Will and CF talk about women all the time. Just click on the "Ignore" button and you won't see what they post.
  5. I'm not going to filter out the only worthwhile discussion Tums :p
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    Then you should filter out Jack's threads. They are boring and incomprehensive.
  7. Well Jack should stop PM'ing me and I might stop exposing him as a fraud
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    Wow, I wish Jack would PM me.

    I have to read this myself:

    Channels for Building Wealth

    If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you to download it and see.
    When I first read it, I said to myself "How could someone publish this on the net, for free" ??? This is a goldmine, I should hide it and not let anybody see it. I am sure you are feeling the same.
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