fastest Way to Lose Money Day Trading List

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  1. What are the fastest ways to losing money day trading that you know of? To start I have:

    Not knowing the trend.

    Chasing Stocks.

    Giving up the spread.

  2. leveraging up trading futures rtm style without a stop. i have heard of some guys only lasting one day doing that.
  3. 1) Leveraging up while averaging down against a strong trend

    2) Leveraging up on SAR's in chop
  4. Playing market maker when you don't know what you're doing. Been there, done that.
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    When you've been stopped out, immediately placing a trade in the opposite direction, thinking 'the trend has changed, I cant be wrong twice'.
  6. Taking the madvice of ET daytrading gurus.
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    Technical Analysis
  8. Listening to ANYONE who doesn't prove they make money trading.

    if they don't PROVE it, then odds are they are leading you on the wrong path....

    salespersons love to put lipstick on a pig....and the noobs are afraid to ask, "can you prove you make money?"

    that doesn't matter, noob!!! now pay for chat room!!
  9. Over leveraging and setting a tiny stop-loss...
  10. Turning day trades into "investments" when they go against you.
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