Fastest way to fund IB account?

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    Searched for this, but couldn't find an answer:

    What is the fastest way to get funds into your IB account? I just opened an account, and I used the bank ACH option, and it's been 3 days and there is no sign of the funds.

    I called my bank that the funds will be withdrawn from, and they say that there are no hits/pending requests. What exactly is IB doing with the request?

    So I'm wondering if there is a faster option. Anyone experience with this?
  2. Fed Wire. I don't have an IB account yet but in in the process of opening one. Fed Wires are always the fastest.

    In my experience ACH's are like checks. They are a little faster but still act like checks.

    Fed wire should be same day, if not, next business day.
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    it is really easy to find on ib site-

    US ACH – USD
    (initiated by customer via customer’s bank) 4 business days Funds can be withdrawn as soon as the Credit Hold Period has expired.

    1Credit Period is the number of days before funds are posted to the customer's account and are available for trading. Credit Period begins on the Entry Date for all deposit types. Credit is posted after the close-of business of the relevant day (e.g., 4 days means credit is posted COB on the 4th day).

    if you bank saying that there is no request, how did you send your money?
    even if you did-it depends on bank too(i would add one more day, if ACH initiated by EOD).
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    Some financial institutions are able to do ACH next day (e.g. you put in the request before X time today and by tomorrow morning the transfer will be complete).

    Some other institutions are notoriously slow handling ACH transfers and I suspect they are just enjoying an interest fee loan on your money (I'm talking online savings banks now)

    So there is no technical reason why IB couldnt have done the ACH pull you requested by the next day, if your bank hasnt seen it then they obviously have delays built into the system for whatever reason.

    As someone else said, wire tranfers are the fastest, usually a matter of hours. Again, that only works if the institution receiving the money is willing to process the wire transfer request that fast.
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    It can normally take a day for IB to initiate an ACH transfer and 4 business days before the money is in the account.
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    i wire money once from BOA to IB. by the time i back home(less than 15 minutes)money is already in my IB account.:)
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    one more thing for Relleum-
    not sure about ACH, but you better ask IB about it. maybe you need deposit initiation for ACH too. and it must be done BEFORE sending money to IB
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    if this process involves verifying a small deposit and withdrawal from my checking account, ive already completed that step.
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