Fastest Realtime Provider?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BobbyMurcerFan, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. I've seen a lot of complaints about TradeStation's quotes not being able to keep up with really fast markets and laggin IB.

    I've also read that IB is sometimes behind the market.

    So what realtime providers do you like the most? I'm mostly looking at quotes the ES, NQ, YM & Dow, S&P, NAZ indexes & index options.

    Thanks as always. :)
  2. TG


    I use realtick and esignal, realtick comes with trading outfit I use, and find esignal better of the two when things are active.
  3. Not always found in the same one package.
    Eg. Cleanest => are indicators such as PREM, TIKI correct.

    For futures/indexes (and equities) my understanding is:

    Fastest w/be DTN
    Cleanest data: DTN, BMI

    I do not think any pro firms use TS or esignal, too slow and unreliable. Do you want to go into a gunfight with a penknife?

    A good person to answer this w/be Jerry Medved (of since he would have done a detailed comparison/analysis of most vendors.
  4. Reuters, Bloomberg and CQG are the data feeds and software generally used by professionals