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  1. Good: I have an algorithm based trading system with is profitable.
    Bad: I am losing 50% of entry points because of speed execution.

    Which are your suggestions ?

    Which are the fastest Forex brokers ?
    Can I have my trading system running at their servers ?
    I have accounts on IB, OANDA and FXDD. What are your suggestions to trade the fastest way with these brokers ? Which is the fastest data provider ?

    Thank you !
  2. If that's the case, you'll go broke fast.
    Look for something better.
  3. I think i did not explain properly. I do not mean I lose at 50% of my trades. I mean, 50% of my trades I just can't buy, because someone else comes first.

    I am a Computer Scientist and I spend 12 hour a day optimizing my Trading System. It is quite profitable and safe. But i am sure it would be much more if I had faster execution.

  4. PeteHS


    I assume you are trading through an API then? If not, why don't you program an execution engine. If you are still missing trades with that then give another platform a try.
  5. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I use an API to trade. The program I created to trade is quite fast. The problem is the time it takes to:
    1) The data to go from the exchange to-> esignal to -> my computer.
    2) The time my order takes to go to the broker and the broker execution time.

    I am talking about 1,5 seconds, but it does make a lot of difference. There are a lot of algorithms competing with mine, and the competition is getting harder, everyday. :)

    []s !
  6. def

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    Have you considered trading the CME Forex futures? if speed is your primary concern, that should be much faster than the cash FX market.
  7. misha7


    Futures "much faster" than spot ?? :confused:
    now that's a revelation
  8. kjsnow25


    have you considered the ultra low latency of the hog pits in Chicago?

    High speed trading and floor based pits that are a mere shell of the cash market's liquidity aren't quite the best way to go for someone looking for low latency. Equity latencies are low, low, low depending on the broker and the platform, but the fragmented world of electronic FX trading isn't a real speedway.

    I really think you need to tap into the cash market for currencies if you want anything approaching high speeds.....
  9. nassau


    gain capital is a good forex broker.
    they also are a white label for several small independant brokers.
    I know they have the ability to allow external software execution and I have found them to be very reliable and helpful.

    good luck,

  10. def

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    Execution speed on Globex is measured in milliseconds. That's much much faster than the 1.5 seconds the starter of the thread mentioned.
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