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  1. Which broker has the fastest order execution? For trading futures.
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    Haven't been trading futures very long, huh?
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  3. hahah I didn't actually, but the slippage I am getting is ridiculous on some trades! I was wondering what's the broker with the fastest execution to reduce it or avoid it completely.
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    With futures slippage isn't caused by your broker, but by your connection/location, the size you are trading and the size of the bid/ask.

    For example, with ZN you will probably never experience slippage, but with NQ or CL slippage is almost unavoidable during fast moving markets.

    So there should be very little to no difference at all between brokers, since all orders go directly to an exchange.
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  5. I was wondering what are your thoughts and if someone has any recommendations/experience of any broker with fast execution in this forum. If a broker can satisfy some hardware and software conditions, my location and connection should not matter I guess. I didn't even considered trading from my desktop :D:D:D
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    Then you should trade from a server as close to the exchange as possible. However, what exactly are you planning on doing then, automated trading?

    Again, there should be little to no difference between futures brokers under the same conditions, trading software shouldn't slow you down either, unless you might use some really crappy software.
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    One thing you could do to avoid slippage is a limit buy on the current ask or a limit sell on the current bid, this will give you a fill at that price or better, but never worse, which also means you are not guaranteed a fill.

    Can you give an example of when you experienced slippage? Which instruments, what time, what size?
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  8. Some brokers offer co-location, HFT architecture and Direct Market Access. These 3 things alone would speed up my trading. The thing is that I've received some insane proposals/deals to get access to them and I was wondering if someone else ever experienced that here. When talking about software I am not referring to the usual SierraChart / NinjaTrader / Metatrader stuff, but other ones just for execution!
  9. The story that each broker have the same condition is a bit of white lie when looking at execution speed tbh.
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    Well, under the same conditions there should be little difference. At least that has always been my experience.

    But anyway, if you want HFT structure you are looking for something that isn't available for most retailers and will never come cheap.

    In that case, there might be other members with more experience in that field.
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