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Discussion in 'Trading' started by johnston, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. johnston


    what are the fastest moving markets (in relation to spread and commissions)?
    im looking at eurusd, and at times i get bored to death.

    i could probably boost things by looking at several market at a time, but i'd rather lean one market at a time.

    perhaps that doesnt make sense? perhaps looking at the eurusd is pointless wihtout looking at the s&p, the ten year and perhaps even others? any hints ?

    help me out
  2. russell 2000
    #2-Oil-CL...crude Oil
    #3-emini SP500...ES

    very fast movement and high leverage...
  3. Tums


  4. johnston


    ok thanks great, any others? i found this picture, which of these high volume (it said at least) are also fast moving? (as in 10 minutes volatility i suppose)
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    GBP/JPY moves pretty fast. It's averaging about 350-450 pips a day.
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    what i mean is really "staring at the market " fast. as in the movement within a few minutes (or intraminute) should be several multiples of the spread i think.
  7. Also try Natural Gas.
  8. another thing to consider is the spread between bid and ask and also liquidity...very importatn
  9. johnston


    what do you mean?
    as in the spread over time or just generally? because the latter was what i've been trying to refer to.
    the spreads in eurusd make it difficult to be profitable on a very short timescale (perhaps with limit orders but i dont know if that works in forex (as in that you actually get hit rather than your limit ask getting filled when the bid reaches your ask))