Fastest Market News Service?

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  1. I'm looking to trade stocks based on Press Releases.

    I'm wondering what people here think are some of the best news services available.

    My first priority is speed. I'm looking for a service that may give me a few seconds/minutes advantage over other services.

    Cost isn't an issue, just looking for the fastest and most reliable.

    I'm trading mainly microcap equities and currently using Microcaptrade Feed service, but am thinking of signing up with Reuters Bridgechannel through IB. Any other suggestions?

    Any and all opinions are be appreciated.

  2. you and everyone else...

    the big firms have the edge on this one...

    don't waste your time and relationships...
  3. Also,

    I forgot to mention, I'm looking for a service that is real-time steaming and preferably one that I can export headlines from to another program (ie. Excel) for analysis (ie. search for keywords).

    Thanks again!
  4. $135 vs IB $100, are they same?

    Is Reuters Bridgechannel any better than "DJ news wire" news spped wise (extra charting, analysis and DDE...), that charged by esignal $115 vs TS securities $95?
  5. Don't believe the hype. OF COURSE you can trade based on press releases. Fair warning though... do some back testing on this ... at least casually...

    You can get press releases as they're available FOR FREE by going to YAHOO.COM


    and setting up a News Alert. THey will email you with news from any topics you specify and WHEN you specify. (Many news stories are re-written press releases BTW.)

    Also, check out They are an electronic press release distribution service.

    Good luck and happy prosperous trading.
  6. Bob111


    if such service exist,there is will be bunch of other traders,who will destroy this "edge" sooner or later.
    you can compare them,but i doubt,that you will be first one in line anyway.
  7. john99


    The best free source I've used is TTN. I found in the past when I traded news that came out with some of the quickest press releases. Most of the critical PR's are after hours, and it was amazing to see stocks like INSM with a press release out on FDA approval first shown on TTN, and it was minutes later before it was posted on Yahoo. When it was posted on Yahoo, then people bought, I remember there was a couple minute oppurtunity to buy cheap shares at the ask, that is until people found out what had happened. The stock doubled in AH, but then sold off pretty well the next morning.

    In order to use news, you have to know your stocks. I follow a set of biotechs, which are very volatile to news. I consider this style of trading risky, but with smaller size used it can be a huge profit using swing trades or using intraday ranges. I developed my own strategy on news trades for biotechs based off of volume analysis which works pretty well.
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