Fastest Growing Religions

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  1. Think of religion like a stock, and its adherents like a company's customers/sales. Which religions have the fastest growing rates? Name the top three.

    Are religions like markets in the sense that when a bull/bear markets takes hold in a religion it continues until it runs its course? Which religions are currently in a bull market, and which religions are currently in a bear market?
  2. Think of really stupid questions and retarded analogies. Think of people who ask them like individual failures of evolution. Who are the biggest failures of evolution?

  3. If someone asked you that question, your answer would be: "You".
  4. If religions are merely a political means, then the religion backed by lots of money and terrorism will grow the fastest.
  5. The prayer rug lobby has a bit more power than the candle lobby.
  6. Is there a scientific study that supports that conclusion (the guy in the vid seems to be mainly a propagandist, and therefore not to be trusted)? Is not Christianity the dominant religion in the world with Islam second? What is the second fastest growing religion if Islam is the first?
  7. Yes, radical jihadist islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
  8. LOL, the number of cockroaches on the planet is growing fast as well, does that mean you want to become a cockroach? Let's just remember that 99.9% of the adherents of the fastest growing religion are ignorant, uneducated, oppressed and brain-washed ignoramuses living in 3rd world squalor and poverty, ruled by despots, tyrants and religious zealots. Their contribution to the world civilization during the last millennium was non-existent, they've created virtually no prominent scientists or businessmen and no scientific or economic achievements to speak of, their treatment of women, and minorities is despicable and medieval. But hey, their numbers are growing, why don't we all become like them.
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    I'm not so sure. They may be getting more new members than other religions, but their member's lifespans are shorter compared to lifespans in other religions.
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