fastest growing market in the world

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  2. Nice post. System D is a fitting term for a world that does not want to let the little guy get ahead. I fear that the grey and black market econmies will flourish as they usually do in a downward trending global market. The citizens of all soveriegn nations are left to fend for themselves. What is the state giving on return but outdated policy and tax codes.
    Information that was usually reserved for the power elite is dismeninated in nano seconds. It is the law of the jungle and is akin to organized anarchism. I have been reading up on 4GW. There are alot of similarities between System D and 4GW they are dynamic. The old models of a power base that stands firm gets taken over in hours now. Event reaction time is now key to survival. There is little time to plan for anything at a micro level. I hope the leadership is happy with the world today ... oh yeah I almost forgot they don't care.

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    BUY GOLD!!!