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    I read many comments that various datafeeds aren't fast enough to keep up with the open and high volume periods, and very few posts offering praise for any feeds that are as fast as is realistic over the internet or through a dedicated line.

    Rather than choose the feed that has the fewest complaints, I would like to start a poll to select feeds for the best combination of speed/reliability. Additionally, since it is hard to compare internet feeds with dedicated lines, I would like to separate these two groups.

    Before I create the poll, please nominate the feeds you feel should be included and specify whether internet or dedicated line.

    Hope this helps us all...
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    ILX, HyperFeed, Reuters, TAQ, SPComstock.

    I am not talking about stuff you get over DSL, I am talking about the stuff you need a dedicated circuit (PTP T1). These datafeeds usually start at $5k/M + the cost of the dedicated circuit.

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    OK...thanks Nitro...these are a few higher-end feeds. Anyone using any more with a dedicated line/circuit?

    Are most users here set up this way, or are internet-based feeds more common?

    Anyone want to pipe in with some internet feeds?
  4. TrackData is very fast.
    Their E-Mini quotes are normally leading IB's quotes.
    On Nasdaq equities, the latency should be between 0.5 sec
    and 1.5 sec. (Compared to exch timestamp)
    IMO, quite good for such a cheap feed.
  5. Direct feeds are much faster. ie, nqds. Going through a vendor like TAL will delay your quotes albeit a few ms.
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    What is NQDS? Direct feed to nasdaq? Is this available to the retail trader?
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    Not enough nominations here, or interest apparently, to bother with the poll...

    I thought this community was more active...
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