Fastest connection with CME for ES trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by fysst, May 24, 2006.

  1. fysst


    Is it possible to connect directly with CME through your brokers account, bearing in mind that the account is still too small to warrant a CME seat as yet.

    I am interested to know of the possible brokers products that provide the fastest CME connection
  2. RedDuke


    As far as I now, zen-fire connection is the fastest one. I use TT.
  3. What is TT... do you have a link so I may read up on it?

  4. tallpaw


  5. Anyone have a link or more specific info for zen-fire connection?
  6. Lorenzo


  7. Aside from the anecdotal opinion of a few users here (most notably Truff), who KEEPS SAYING that ZenFire is any faster than TT?

    I tried the NinjaTrader trial through Mirusfutures -- to me it seemed like NT and X-trader were getting the indentical, non-filtered, tick by tick data from the CME. I ran them side by side and could see no difference whatsoever.

    The difference, to me, was this: I couldn't stand the NT platform. It was sluggish, and resource-hogful. X-trader may not be elegant, but its lean and rock solid.

    Anyway -- "ZenFire" sounds like its some kind of new data provider, but as far as I can glean, it's just NinjaTrader leasing its own data through CME (or CBOT); they don't have Eurex yet IIRC.

    I am more than willing to be proven wrong about anything I've stated here. I am not the final word, but I wouldn't mind hearing something substantial.
  8. Good information all - thanks